The Industrial Park

The Industrial Park- the investment was executed thanks to the European structural funds “PHARE 2001”.
The Industrial Park covers an area of 36,3 ha, it consists of 29 ha of investment areas and 7,3 ha of roads and infrastructure. The ground for business activities is stable and flat. It has a complete technical infrastructure: an electric energy, a water supply system, a sanitary/storm sewage system, a gas pipeline. The area located directly near the national road S-10 (Szczecin- Warszawa)belongs to the gmina. The area is ready for investments.


The investment was finished in the beginning of 2005, Autos, Granit, Polimer and Thermoplastics Polska sp. z o. o started their business activities. The realization of the Business Incubator is entering its final stage. There are still 15,0 ha for a land development.

We kindly invite you to invest.

Investing in the area of the Industrial Park allows to use the property tax relief, i.e. exempt from rent for 10 years, after 2011 year a possibility of purchasing the ground for 50 % of the market value at the time of transaction. The gmina offers help with formal-legal matters.


The Business Incubator

The investment was carrying out as a part of “the PHARE 2002” project. It was completed in the beginning of the fourth quarter (October) 2005 year.
The Business Incubator is a new building of a nice architectural style with very good termoinsulating parameters. The Business Incubator of 5000 m² area consists of a production hall of 4200 m ² with 200 m² of sanitary background, an office/training building of 800 m² with 550 m² of offices to let. The building is equipped with necessary media i.e. the Net and telephone lines. It is also secured by video cameras system. The production part divided by partition walls consists of 35 production rooms from 50 m² to 200 m² ( they can be bigger), 12 warehouses from 15 m² to 110 m² and 13 offices from 12 m² to 50 m².
It is expected that 40 companies will start their activities in the Business Incubator. The building is surrounded by a car park for 100 vehicles. It is also possible to receive free legal and economic/ accountant advice and take part in various trainings.

Information about the Industry Park can be received at the tel. no. +48 52 3870202 or +48 52 3870203. The Mayor’s plenipotententiary for the Industry Park and the Business Incubator matters is Piotr Kubiak.