What is worth seeing?

  1. The Church of Sacred Heart of Jesus- built in 1847 year, has beautiful stained glass windows. The Church of St. Stanislaus the Bishop and Martyr built between 1910-1912 has period aisles, a chancel, and beautiful baroque altars and the mannerist high altar with gorgeous decorations.
  2. The tenement at 23 Stycznia 13 St., - there is now the Complex of Secondary and Vocational Schools (ZSO i Z). The neoclassic tenement was built between 1891-1903.
  3. The exhibition hall of 100 years old tradition of the Voluntary Fire Brigade (OSP).
  4. The remains of the Dutch settlements in two villages : Otorowo and Przyłubie.
  5. The Radio Broadcast Center – started its activity in September 1999 year, thanks to it the Polish Radio 1 can be heard in the whole country and abroad. Two radio masts are a good example of using by the local government the chance for promotion and development of the area.
  6. Beautiful poplars- the natural feature of historic importance gracing the Vistula landscape.
  7. The area of protected landscape “ The Dunes of Toruń-Bydgoszcz Valley”. The protected terraces are mostly situated in the boundaries of the highest great valley of the Vistula River, which is covered with one of the biggest dunes field in Poland.