The aim of the program

The program of preventing crimes, protection of public order and improvement of inhabitants’ safety in the Town and Gmina of Solec Kujawski “the Safe Gmina” has been carrying out for several years as a result of cooperation of many representatives of different social environments interested in changing the current situation in this field. The dynamic program is systematically assessed and updated.

  • the crime dynamic and the level of detectability of crime shown by the Police station in Solec Kujawski
  • the inhabitants’ opinion about their feelings of safety
  • the level of the effectiveness of the Program in its particular sections, based on the guiding programs assessment and analysis.
  • the necessity of under taking further actions to strengthen the effectiveness of elimination or the reduction of situations particularly uncomfortable for inhabitants.

Creation of the permanent police-social forum, necessary for a complete realization of program assumption, was essential for the correct implementation of “ the Safe Gmina” program. The forum guarantees:

  • participation of necessary institutions and organizations in program undertakings
  • providing the coordination of actions and discipline of their execution
  • considering the changing realities in the realization of the Program

The coordinating level of actions belongs to:

  • The Town Council in Solec Kujawski
  • The Mayor of the Town and Gmina
  • The Town Council Commission of monitoring the law and public order
  • The Team for implementing “the Safe Gmina” program