The coat of arms and the flag


The coat of arms
The coat of arms shows two merloned towers on the silver background. They are red with silver narrow arrow slits in each tower, linked with a merloned wall. The wall is red with a silver gate. The golden gateways are opened and the black bar is lowered to 1/3 of their height. Above a line of the wall there is a bust of the bishop and martyr- St. Stanislaus dressed with a robe and a mitre, holding a golden crosier in his left hand. There are two silver letters “S” ( Sanctus Stanislaus) on both sides of the Saint’s head.





The flag
The flag consists of three red, white and blue vertical strips of equal width. The coat of arms of Solec Kujawski and its gmina is on the middle strip. The ratio flag is 5:8.