The infrastructure

The water supply system
Solec Kujawski and its gmina has a well developed water supply system, which can be used without any limitations by all inhabitants and businessmen.

The sewage system
A well developed sewage system ( 95 % of canalized area) allows for proper sewage management. Most areas for business activities are also canalized.

The electric energy
The main power supply point for the Solec Kujawski gmina is located in the town. There are no limitations in supplying electricity to the areas provided for new investments.

The gas
The gas pipeline providing natural gas to Bydgoszcz runs across the Solec Kujawski gmina and the town has gas supply lines.

The transport
The gmina area is crossed by the national road no. 10 Szczecin- Warszawa. There are also voivodship roads connecting Bydgoszcz and Toruń. There are poviat roads. The areas provided for investments are situated near bituminous roads. There are two railway stations in the gmina, Solec Kujawski and Przyłubie. The Vistula River, a first class sailing waterway is the north boundary of the gmina.